Information for Parents

Photos are to be ordered online or by cash with your Access Key

NOTE: Some schools are only ordering online therefore follow the instructions given to you by your school as paying by cash will not apply.

Every STUDENT must bring their own envelope back to the school before photo day, even if payment is included in a sibling envelope. Please DO NOT place the envelope inside each other.

If paying by cash …. Please put CORRECT money in the envelopes as no change is given by the photographer or school.

If ordering online…. Go to and log in using your students Access key which you will find on your photo envelope then turn over the envelope and complete payment details.

FAMILY DISCOUNT: On” B” pack only

The discount on “B”packs applies to the third and fourth sibling only.


Family photo envelopes are YELLOW and available at the school ooffice. These must be taken back to school even if ordering online. The school will let you know by email the cut off date for ordering sibling photos online…

A $15 postage & handling fee will apply to late orders received two weeks after photo day. There are no Family discounts on late orders. Photos will not be ordered without payment.

Money-Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied within 14 days of collection. Any enquiry please phone our office on 62286878


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